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This package provides a powerful, yet simple, interface for managing and manipulating the captions of boxed objects (e.g., tables and figures). In addition to providing wide flexibility in the presentation style of the captions, this package, when used in combination with conditionally compiled LaTeX source codes, provides the ability to defer or preempt the presentation of figures, tables, and their associated lists. In this way, one can, for example, by changing a single line of source code in the .tex file, change the output of LaTeX from a technical report with tables and figures interspersed in the text, to a journal-manuscript submission, with figures collected at the end of document, as well as lof and lot deferred or preempted.

Run `boxhandler.ins' through LaTeX to produce boxhandler.sty from boxhandler.dtx.
Run `boxhandler.dtx' through LaTeX to produce the documentation.

This program can be redistributed and/or modified, with attribution.