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Math Into LaTeX is for the mathematician, physicist, engineer, scientist, or technical typist who needs to quickly learn how to write and typeset articles and books containing mathematical formulas, and requires a thorough reference book on all aspects of LaTeX and the AMS packages (the enhancements to LaTeX by the American Mathematical Society).

Key features of Math Into LaTeX:
* A simple, example-based, visual approach
* A quick introduction (Part I) allowing readers to type their first articles in only a few hours
* Sample articles to demonstrate the basic structure of LaTeX and AMS articles
* Useful appendices containing mathematical and text symbol tables and information on how to convert from older versions
* A new chapter in the fourth edition, "A Visual Introduction to MikTeX," an open source implementation of TeX and LaTeX for Windows operating systems
* Another new chapter describing amsrefs, a simpler method for formatting references that incorporates and replaces BibTeX data
* This edition also integrates a major revision to the amsart document class, along with updated examples

(Zentrallblatt) "meets the needs of mathematicians publishing mathematics."

(Bulletin of the Mathematical Association of India) "This book is truly unique in its focus on getting started fast yet keeping it simple. It is indispensable for the beginner and a handy reference for the experienced user."

(Astronomical Tools) "I came away with the impression that this book is a very helpful and useful tool for all scientists and engineers."