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This is the file README for xytree.sty. For full documentation, read xytree-doc-en.pdf.

xytree.sty utilizes the Xy-pic package to draw syntactic trees. There are currently some similar LaTeX packages for this purpose, but they have strength and weakness, so one allows to draw only binary trees and the other permits to draw only limited sorts of lines. Some packages provide quasi perfect solution in this area, but have the dependency on the other graphic language, which dvi driver can not
directly process.

The aim of xytree.sty is to draw linguistic syntactic trees with ease and to support hopefully sufficient functionalities, that the linguist may need.

Licensing of this package is covered by LPPL.

For whatever reason, you can contact me via e-mail: koaunghi/at/kornet/dot/net

Koaunghi Un.