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H. Adriaens:
> You don't have to worry so much: at, I help many
> Vietnamese TeX Users in using powerdot. Many people like it, i'm sure. (But:
> some others think that `seminar' is more power. I have never used seminar so
> i have to take an overview to compare the two classes -- could you help me ?)

Seminar is old, has very much problems and lots of incompatibilities
and no flexibility in slide design. I would not suggest anyone to use
it. Beamer and powerdot are the standards nowadays. Beamer does
everything in its own tricky way, while powerdot makes it possible to
use latex as you are used to. Besides, the user interface of powerdot
is much simpler and the designer interface is extremely powerful,
whereas designing slides in beamer is a real burden. In short,
powerdot is more flexible and more powerful, but that is my opinion
(which you asked for).

Yesterday, I got a message that clearly stated this power: "I was used
to prosper, but in powerdot everything has become much simpler. And
after scanning the docs for 10 mins, I was able to develop a whole new
slide style for powerdot." I think that says enough.